I just received my copy of the brand new book, Rattlesnakes of Arizona, Vol. 1, edited by Gordon Schuett et al and illustrated by Tell Hicks. It's an exhaustive and beautiful book--736 pages. Here's my reaction to Tell's illustrations:

"With his illustrations for Rattlesnakes of Arizona, Tell Hicks has achieved a milestone in the history of nature illustration and animal art. His "field guide" illustrations of the species are as accurate as they come, but what really sets them apart is his innovative way of presenting them, which is not only aesthetically appealing, but it shows all of the important parts of the snake in an economical way that makes them more useful than the approaches others have taken. His paintings of snakes in their habitats are extraordinary. I especially love his New Mexico Ridgenose Rattlesnake, which is one of the most beautiful animal paintings I have seen." Congratulations Tell, Gordon, and everyone else who worked on it. Well done! – Carel P. Brest van Kempen

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